bathroom remodeling

Things to know before having a bathroom remodeling

Planning a bathroom remodeling? Read this first!

Are you planning a spontaneous bathroom remodeling? Answer these questions first! What’s the average space required to install a toilet? What’s the average cost of a bathroom remodeling? How many tiles will you need? Don’t worry, most people also lack of the knowledge for these questions. If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia, you will have to have a step-by-step plan and divide it into : Read more

call handyman service

Something broke down at your home? Time to call handyman service

No problem is too small to call handyman service

Many problems seem small at first and you think you can do them yourself. But, that is the root to bigger problems that cost way more than they could at the first place. For example, if you refuse to call  handyman service for a simple clogged sink and try to fix it yourself you can damage it more. This comes as the result of the lack of experience in the field of handyman issues. You might damage the pipe that holds the water and a lot of water would burst and flood your bathroom. Not only will you lose more money, but you will damage your bathroom on the process too. Read more

handyman service Philadelphia

Handyman services you can do yourself

Ever wondered what kinds of handyman services you can do by yourself?

There are many small damages that are caused to your house that need a handyman service. But, which one of those can you actually do yourself? If you every feel lazy, and are too tired to fix it, you can always call us at Home Exchange PA. We have been offering the handyman services in Cherry Hill for years now and are well known for our work. However, many people are eager to learn new things, fix their own damages. We are here to help you either way, with tips and tricks, or to come personally and fix the damage. We will try to list a few of the problem you can fix yourself, such as: Read more

roof repair Cherry Hill

Most common roof repair occurrences in Cherry Hill

The usual problems that need roof repair Cherry Hill

As well known, our Cherry hill is on the best spot in Philadelphia but it’s not the safest place for your roof. It’s the brightest spot that gets the most sunlight and it’s wide open for things that might fall on your roof. This makes the roofs in Cherry Hill vulnerable to damage that lead to roof repairs. Your roof is considered the guard, the armor of your home. The shield that protects you from the wind, the rain, the snow, the sun and you should take care of it as much as you can. There are certain default problems that you might encounter on your roof. Read more

home repair

General home repair projects you can do yourself

What kind of home repair can you do on your own?

There are many home repair issues that you can take care of yourself with daily equipment. You can build or repair anything around your home if you have a little do-it-yourself skill inside you. You can build a hammock, you can fix the kitchen table or anything that is included in general home repair issues. Most of the work around the house is done with wood since it’s the easiest material to work with. All the chairs around the house and the tables are made of wood and they are easy fixable with a little effort. Read more

kitchen remodel

Top 5 reasons to get a kitchen remodel

For many homes the kitchen is the center where everything happens and the best part of the day occurs: food. Since it is one of the most important rooms of the house, it should also be treated that way. One of the best treats you can do is to perform a kitchen remodel and we will give you 5 main reasons why you should. Read more

bathroom remodel

Tips to know before you get a bathroom remodel

There comes a time when each one of us are in need of a bathroom remodel. Whether you are sick of the same old design or something is broken. Either way, a bathroom remodel might be the key to your problem. We here at Home Exchange PA offer the bathroom remodel service in Philadelphia and pride ourselves in great service. We have our staff that are in the business for many years and have dealt with many projects before. You can call today and leave an appointment at 1 215 966 1660 or e-mail us at [email protected]. Read more

HVAC system

Don’t let the heat beat you – Get your HVAC today

Cool down your home with our HVAC system

Summer has already arrived, and brought with it the heat we have to bare through the whole summer. But you don’t have to do so anymore, not with our HVAC system. Why not cool down your home so when you come back from work you will feel amazing? With our brand new cooling equipment you won’t have to worry about resisting the heat anymore! You are one phone call away to a cool summer and not dealing with the heat at all. You can book an appointment at 1 215 966 1660 and one of our agents will come down to your home and get it ready for installation. Read more

roof repair

A must read if you need a roof repair

We all need a roof repair eventually!

As a potential customer looking for a roof repair company, you just clicked the right website for the job. Home Exchange is a roof repair company that is located in 4651 Frankford AVE and has the experience to perform a perfect roof repair. Since the first day we opened, we had many customers requesting roof repairs with many different problems. Some of them had leaks, some others had troubles with their shingles etc. But, we never hesitated to get a job, since no project is too big for us nor a problem too big. Every kind of problem your roof might have, we will fix it. And that for the best price you can find! Read more

roof repair

Leaking – the main reason for a roof repair in Philadelphia

We can stop the leaking for you through our roof repair in Philadelphia

One of the most common reasons for the customers to call us for a roof repair in Philadelphia is the roof leaking. The leaking might come for many reasons, such as shingle damages, or not the proper roof installation. We at Home Exchange PA offer the best service for this particular problem, and therefore are your best choice. You should know that the roof is one of the most important part of your home, and should also be treated that way. Only let professionals operate on your roof and not amateurs, or you’ll regret it later when the extreme temperatures strike. Read more