Handyman Service

 When should you call a handyman service?

A handyman is also known as a person who does a wide range of repairs, usually around the home. This includes repairing, maintaining and building tasks around the home. The tasks a handyman service can do are as much interior as to the exterior.  You should look at the handyman service as an everything-doer. From side works, odd jobs up to fix-up tasks, this is the one service you need. Especially those small tasks that require attention such as plumbing jobs, or electrical jobs. This includes fixing a leak on your toilet, clogged sink or changing the light fixtures. Call us and we will perform our handyman service in a timely fashion.

What is included in a handyman service? 

Handyman covers a wide variety of work that you can call us to do it for you. Below is a short list of some of the most common tasks you can call us for:

Plumbing-Bathroom leaks,clogged sink or a clogged toilet. Leaks can sometime be a deeper job to complete since most of the time goes to finding the source of the leak. After the leaking is located, the rest is rather easy to complete.

Electrical-Replacing wall switches or outlets to appliance connection to ceiling fan installation. Best way to determine if a handyman or a licensed electrician is what you need, just call us.

Attic-From adding attic stairs or ladders for easy access, to installing flooring to adding insulation to maintain comfort. We can assist you in making your attic a safe storage place or a new extra living space. 

Caulking–Adding a fresh application of caulk to gaps between windows, doors and siding is a great way to the improve your home's energy efficiency. This perfect job for any skilled handyman.

Gutter Cleaning/Maintenance–If you hire a handyman you can avoid the risk of hurting yourself due to working at height. Plus our capable handyman can install a seasonal gutter guard to prevent seasonal clogging.

Small Tasks–Window treatments, picture frame hanging, wall mirrors to assembling that new gas grill you just purchased. By hiring a handyman to do the job, with the right tools and experience, this will increase the chance of your task being done without any damage.

Painting–If you have a small project that requires painting like a wall or a garage door, you don’t need a contractor or painter. A handyman will be just fine at a more affordable cost. We have skilled handyman for that new or old crown molding to that solid wood door you just hate to replace.

Bathroom Repair–Many minor or major home improvements happen in the bathroom. We are your reliable choice for this and our handyman can handle any repair needed. Broken tile, faucet repair, counter-top installation, shower door installation and fixture installation. Our handyman can take care of it for you efficiently and professionally.

Tile Installation/Repair–Installing new tile can fix up a bathroom, kitchen or any other space in your home that you want to install tile. Whether you require new tile installation to change the design, or require just repair existing one immediately, we are your best choice! We offer experience in all kinds of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tile.

Landscaping / Exterior Home Repairs-The outdoor requires just as much care as the indoor of your home. For this service we offer fixing fences, exterior doors, stucco, power washing and the general outdoor home maintenance as well as lawn care. If you have minor damage to your home’s exterior like a loose piece of siding or missing shingles our skilled handyman can assist you with this as well.

These are just some of the services we offer, but to find out the complete list of all the services that our handyman service offers feel free to contact one of our reps.