What can a handyman service provide you

When should you call a handyman service?

A handyman is also known as a person who does a wide range of repairs, usually around the home. This includes repairing, maintaining and building tasks around the home. The tasks a handyman service can do are as much interior as exterior. If you find yourself with a clogged sink or a broken window, it’s probably time to call a handyman service as soon as possible. You should look at the handyman service as an everything-doer. From side works, odd jobs up to fix-up tasks, this is the one service you need. Especially those small tasks that require attention such as plumbing jobs, or electrical jobs. This includes fixing a leak on your toilet, unclogging a sink or changing the light fixtures. If you ever face those problems, call us and we will perform our handyman service in no time.


What is included in a handyman service?

Handyman is a wide field of work that you can call us to do for you. We have gathered together a list of the most common tasks you can call us for, such as:

Plumbing- If your bathroom leaks, or your sink is clogged, then it’s time to call us! In the specific are of plumbing our staff is experienced with any kinds of plumbing problems. Most of the times, the call is for a clogged sink or a clogged toilet. This comes a result of big or other things being dumped on the sink and creating a formation that won’t allow the water to flow. But, don’t worry about it anymore! We will get your sink flowing in no time. As part of plumbing comes also the leaking. The leak is a more deeper job to complete since most of the time goes finding the source of the leak. After the leaking is located, the rest is rather easy to complete.

Electrical jobs– The electrical job is more dangerous than the plumbing if you are looking to do it yourself. You should never try to save money and try to fix an electrical problem on your own. Many things can go wrong and there could be damages, including your life! If your light is flickering, or when a light is on the other one goes dimmer, you should call us and let us perform a handyman service. This is usually a result of old installment, and old wiring. This can be dangerous since the wires could heat up and start a fire through the walls.

Attic repairs– Whatever your attic needs, we will fix it. The main fixings of the attics are usually to add attic stairs or ladders for easy access, to install the flooring or to add insulation to maintain the heat. We also install lighting fixtures, and all the other features an attic can have that you can imagine.

Caulking – Adding a fresh application of caulk to gaps between windows, doors and sliding is a great way to improve efficiency and improve energy efficiency. This should be an easy job for a handyman.

Gutter cleaning and maintenance – Another job that you should call for a handyman service in Philadelphia is the gutter cleaning. It’s not that huge a task but it is mandatory! If you hire a handyman you avoid the risk of hurting yourself while performing it from the height Plus, many handyman install a seasonal gutter guard to prevent seasonal clogging.

Home exterior repairs – If you have minor damage to your home’s exterior like a loose piece of siding or missing shingles, call for a handyman in Philadelphia! You don’t need a contractor for such a small job. It will reduce the cost of it, since the contractor would bill you way more for the same job done.

Small tasks – Window treatments, pictures, mirrors and installing light fixtures are considered small tasks. They can be easily done by a homeowner. But if you hire a handyman to do the job, with the right tools and experience, they will be likely to hand in a perfect way without any damage.

Painting – Home Exchange PA also does the painting of your home at the best prices! So, if you have a small project that requires a painting job, like a wall or a garage door, you don’t need a contractor. A handyman will be just fine, and cheap! But the thing to keep in mind is that handyman work by the hour, so the bigger the job the more expensive it will be. We have experts of painting the crown molding painting, the door painting, and also offer the professional painting tips. You can read about them here.

Bathroom repair – Many minor or major home repairs and improvements happen in the bathroom. As your reliable professional choice, we handle them at the best way possible. At the repair side we offer the tile repair and faucet repair, while for improvements is a whole other part. We offer countertop installation, tile installation, shower door installation and fixture installation.

Tile installation – Installing a new tile can fix up a bathroom, kitchen or any area that requires tiles. Whether you require a new tile installation to change the design, or require one immediately, we are your best choice! We offer all kinds of materials such as ceramic, porcelain, stone and glass tile.

Outdoor repairs –  The outdoor requires just as much care as the indoor of your home. If you want your home to look good, you have to take care of the outside too. For this service, we offer the fixing on your fences, doors, stucco, power washing and the general outdoor home maintenance!

Ever wondered what kinds of handyman services you can do by yourself?

There are many small damages that are caused to your house that need a handyman service. But, which one of those can you actually do yourself? If you every feel lazy, and are too tired to fix it, you can always call us at Home Exchange PA. We have been offering the handyman services in Cherry Hill for years now and are well known for our work. However, many people are eager to learn new things, fix their own damages. We are here to help you either way, with tips and tricks, or to come personally and fix the damage. We will try to list a few of the problem you can fix yourself, such as:

Clogged sink – It’s nothing new to have a clogged sink at your home. Whether it’s the toilet sink or the kitchen sink, they have equal odds to get clogged. What usually happens is that objects such as hair, paper or leftovers get inside the pipes of your sink and get stuck there. It can be tricky to unclog a sink, but it’s no rocket science. You can use different liquid materials that do most of the job for you, or if the object is close you can use a harder object. In example, you can use a long, hard metal to push the objects that are clogging your sink away and make them flush with the water. The liquid materials as mentioned use chemicals to dissolve the food and hair and make the sink work again.


handyman servicesRe-paint the room – Painting can be fun, but it can also make you tired as hell. Having the hands all day long in function to paint something is not easy. But, as soon as you learn some tricks how to flex your muscles in between the painting, it gets easier. Whether it’s your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom, most of the process is the same. You buy the paint you want your room to look like, and buy a brush to paint the walls. Depending on what material the wall is, the brush needs to be. If your material is smooth, a smoother brush is needed. It’s stuff like this that needs attention that make the whole process easier.





Fix the kitchen cabinet – Every kitchen has a loose cabinet or a broken one in that matter. The first reflex would’ve been to call a professional woodworker or a handyman to fix it. That is the best plan anyway, but not the cheapest. Kitchen cabinets are usually easy to fix since there are 2 pieces of wood holding onto each other with 4 screws. The easiest part is to fix the screws since all you have to do is drill them back again. But, if the whole cabinet door is broken it can be harder. You might have to call a professional, or try to fix it yourself if you have the tools for it. Sometimes super-glue can hold on to wood, and it’s always worth a try!






Why are we your best choice?

We have been in the handyman service for quite some years now and experienced many problems that we took care of. Our main goal is to supply a quality service and for you to be happy with our service. A happy customer is the best feedback we can get when we perform the handyman service in Philadelphia. We handled many projects that our customers called us for, and that for a reasonable price! In the market, we tend to equalize the quality and the price in a parallel way. We do not tend to hire a rather less experienced staff and lower the prices. But, rather keep the prices the way they are and offer the best quality possible. After all, why perform a handyman service in a way that you will need to fix it again in a week or so? What we offer more is the quality, and the response-time distance from your call to the service. You will get your service exactly when you booked the appointment with us!

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You can reach us during our respective business hours, Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm. We are proud to have been serving the residents with the best handyman service in Philadelphia for years now. That’s why our customers choose our professional craftsmen, who specialize in all the things a handyman service in Philadelphia requires. We receive constantly feedback from our customers for our perfect service done in their houses. You can be one of them, and you’re only one phone call away!