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Tips to know before you get a bathroom remodel

There comes a time when each one of us are in need of a bathroom remodel. Whether you are sick of the same old design or something is broken. Either way, a bathroom remodel might be the key to your problem. We here at Home Exchange PA offer the bathroom remodel service in Philadelphia and pride ourselves in great service. We have our staff that are in the business for many years and have dealt with many projects before. You can call today and leave an appointment at 1 215 966 1660 or e-mail us at [email protected].

Now, before  you make any decision there are a few tips we will try to give to you so you can make an informed one.

Know what bathroom remodel cost – Before you begin to plan whatever project you are imagining for your bathroom, know your budget. The things you should take in account are the size of your bathroom, the quality of material you are willing to choose. Whether you are planning to do some of the work yourself or call a professional. The price may vary from a basic remodel, to a deluxe remodel which will cost more. So really it’s all about planning and manipulating with the data you get from it.

Don’t let the toilet be the first thing you see – Every bathroom remodel designer you ask what their best tip is, this is what they will respond. The reason is quite simple and after you read it you will be convinced. Often we forget the bathroom door open on our way out, whether intentionally or not. Now, if we have guests at our home and the bathroom door is wide open, the first thing they will see is the toilet. Not the most aesthetic part of your home, so it should be covered as much as possible.

Plant a lighting scheme – The best thing your bathroom can be is to be well-lit. It gives the whole room a more colorful view and it leads to a better-looking bathroom. The key is to use as much windows as possible in order to let the light in. This can be something that looks minor at first but is extremely useful. Imagine a dark and poorly lit bathroom and how ugly it looks and you will see that light actually plays a huge role here.

Plant the right height for your sink – The sink should always be part of your bathroom remodel. The typical height of a sink should not exceed 34 inches off height from the floor. This is to be enough height for the average height of a person. But, you might need to consider how your sink will add from the countertop’s height. A sink’s height plays role mostly on washing your hands and brushing your teeth. If you have to tip-toe or bow, the height is not right.

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