bathroom remodeling

Things to know before having a bathroom remodeling

Planning a bathroom remodeling? Read this first!

Are you planning a spontaneous bathroom remodeling? Answer these questions first! What’s the average space required to install a toilet? What’s the average cost of a bathroom remodeling? How many tiles will you need? Don’t worry, most people also lack of the knowledge for these questions. If you’re planning a bathroom remodeling in Philadelphia, you will have to have a step-by-step plan and divide it into :

  • Time – How long will it take?
  • Cost – Can you afford it?
  • Supplies – Can you find the right supplies for your project?

There are so many things to take in consideration that goes on in your bathroom that you don’t even recognize. If you’re having a project for your bathroom remodeling it’s always good to contact a professional about it. Home Exchange PA offers the service and we’re experienced in whatever project you’re interested on. We have the best staff with the most experience you can get in Philadelphia. We are located in 19124 Frankford AVE. and we’re welcoming you to our office if you’re interested on a bathroom remodeling.

Tips on what to avoid and what to do

If you’re looking to add space with your bathroom remodeling, consider a corner sink. Most of the bathrooms are lacking of space, so a corner sink will do the trick. The main idea is to put the sink somewhere on one of the corners of your bathroom. Not only will it save you space, but also look amazingly elegant with whatever theme you choose. Or, a tiny tub for that matter of space. If you know your bathroom is small, a bathtub is not an option! A tiny tub that will work just fine for showers will go along pretty good.

In case you are choosing to make the place more elegant and space is not an issue, the choice is a good vanity. Vanities are mostly for looks there and really play a huge role on the view of your bathroom. We recommend a medium vanity, since the big one is not practical while the small one is not very functional. You should also decide the best material for your vanity, since it will have a lot of traffic on it. If you pick wood you will have to maintain it more than say ceramic. But, ceramic will cost you more than wood, so there’s that. It’s small details like this that might ruin the whole project and you should give special consideration to!

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