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Don’t let the heat beat you – Get your HVAC today

Cool down your home with our HVAC system

Summer has already arrived, and brought with it the heat we have to bare through the whole summer. But you don’t have to do so anymore, not with our HVAC system. Why not cool down your home so when you come back from work you will feel amazing? With our brand new cooling equipment you won’t have to worry about resisting the heat anymore! You are one phone call away to a cool summer and not dealing with the heat at all. You can book an appointment at 1 215 966 1660 and one of our agents will come down to your home and get it ready for installation.

We specialize in HVAC systems and have been dealing with many requests in the area of Philadelphia for years now. We have a staff that is specialized in delivering, installing and maintaining your HVAC system. We have experts on helping you with purchasing the equipment too. Not every home has the same requirements of cooling, while some need a bigger effort to cool down, some need smaller ones. Here is the part where our expert help you in deciding what area you should put your HVAC system, where it should blow, what temperature etc. This is all included in the price so no extra pay for the service.





How can I maintain a healthy HVAC system?

Routine maintenance can lower utility costs, reduce the need to replace equipment frequency and keep the system working better. So basically, maintaining your system not only protects the equipment, but also keeps the system at better health. Now we have a few tips so you can take care of your system yourself and we will try to describe them the best way below:

Keep an eye on the air vents – Most of the time the air vents are blocked from pollutants that enter your occupied space. Watch for a musty door too!

Replace filters – Filters are a really important part of the HVAC and should be treated that way too. You should replace them regularly every 1-6 months. If you are not surrounded by pollution or dust than the replacing time might be extended to 9 months.

Watch the thermostat – The thermostat is a very delicate part of the system too. You should check every once in a while if it shows the right temperature and make sure it’s on good shape. A broken thermostat might lead to higher or lower temperature than required.

Keep it away from sunshine – The sun might damage your cables or the equipment itself so don’t keep it to direct sunlight. The best place would be in the shadow where your system can work like a charm. The cables can also be damaged from the sun and might lead to more damage.

However, if you experience more problems with your system you should give us a call at 1 215 966 1660 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We will try to respond immediately and come fix whatever your problem is!

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