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If you own a home, and you have a flat roof, just because you have a leak does not mean u need a new roof. Home Exchange Roof Repair Services has a solution to extend the life of an existing roof for up to 7 years or more for a fraction of the cost of a new roof. This roof repair system is done over the existing roof with rubber coating and rubber flashing all around the entire roof and other penetrations existing on the roof. Besides saving you money it will save you energy. Home Exchange Roof Repair System covers Philadelphia PA and Camden NJ with a 10-mile radius, For any information about this roof system please give us a call.
Home Exchange Roof Repair Service uses a super product called Henry 587 Durabrite white elastomeric roof coating which is a premium, high-solids formula offering better weather protection, solar reflectivity and longevity than economy-grade reflective roof coatings. The cured coating forms a permeable membrane that prevents liquid infiltration but allows moisture vapor to vent or breathe out of underlying substrate. This is a great roof repair product to use for a fantastic end result.
· White surface reflects sun rays and releases 91% of the sun’s heat for energy efficiency
· Resists ponding water
· Recommended for use on metal roofs, weathered, previously-coated white and aluminum roof surfaces, smooth-surface built-up roofs, stucco, masonry parapet walls and more
· Up to 10-year warranty
· Elastomastic to expand and contract without cracking

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