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Handyman services you can do yourself

Ever wondered what kinds of handyman services you can do by yourself?

There are many small damages that are caused to your house that need a handyman service. But, which one of those can you actually do yourself? If you every feel lazy, and are too tired to fix it, you can always call us at Home Exchange PA. We have been offering the handyman services in Cherry Hill for years now and are well known for our work. However, many people are eager to learn new things, fix their own damages. We are here to help you either way, with tips and tricks, or to come personally and fix the damage. We will try to list a few of the problem you can fix yourself, such as:

Clogged sink

It’s nothing new to have a clogged sink at your home. Whether it’s the toilet sink or the kitchen sink, they have equal odds to get clogged. What usually happens is that objects such as hair, paper or leftovers get inside the pipes of your sink and get stuck there. It can be tricky to unclog a sink, but it’s no rocket science. You can use different liquid materials that do most of the job for you, or if the object is close you can use a harder object. In example, you can use a long, hard metal to push the objects that are clogging your sink away and make them flush with the water. The liquid materials as mentioned use chemicals to dissolve the food and hair and make the sink work again.

Re-paint the room

Re-paint the roomPainting can be fun, but it can also make you tired as hell. Having the hands all day long in function to paint something is not easy. But, as soon as you learn some tricks how to flex your muscles in between the painting, it gets easier. Whether it’s your living room, your kitchen or your bedroom, most of the process is the same. You buy the paint you want your room to look like, and buy a brush to paint the walls. Depending on what material the wall is, the brush needs to be. If your material is smooth, a smoother brush is needed. It’s stuff like this that needs attention that make the whole process easier.

Fix the kitchen cabinet

fix kitchenEvery kitchen has a loose cabinet or a broken one in that matter. The first reflex would’ve been to call a professional woodworker or a handyman to fix it. That is the best plan anyway, but not the cheapest. Kitchen cabinets are usually easy to fix since there are 2 pieces of wood holding onto each other with 4 screws. The easiest part is to fix the screws since all you have to do is drill them back again. But, if the whole cabinet door is broken it can be harder. You might have to call a professional, or try to fix it yourself if you have the tools for it. Sometimes super-glue can hold on to wood, and it’s always worth a try!

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