A better home for your ‘Better Home”

If you absolutely can’t bear to part with those magazines you spent so much money on, cut out the articles that interest you the most and keep them. Get several file folders, and label them with the names of your specific areas of interest. Go through each magazine and rip out the pages that contain articles in these areas, then staple them together and put them in the file folders. Start working on the magazines you already have, and any time you buy a new one, go through the same procedure. You’ll be amazed how little space the articles take up compared to entire magazines. Soon you should be free of magazine clutter.



Messy stacks of magazines every place you look? Tired of the clutter? Make magazine holders for free by diagonally cutting off the top parts of empty cereal boxes and neatly storing your magazines upright on a bookshelf. To add a decorative touch, cover the boxes with pretty contact paper or wallpaper


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