First you will need a plan.

One of the things that Home Exchange-PA can assist you with when you decide to renovate your kitchen or bathroom is consultation with the design of your project. Our consultants are experienced with design and planning using professional software that will allow you to see what your ideas look like before the actually begins.

We believe that all successful projects begin with a good plan. Also if you decide to make changes to your layout this will allow you to save time and material cost. Showing you detailed specifications, material and equipment schedules all in accordance with your local city codes and regulation. Utilizing Chief Architect Pro we are able to render photo-realistic renderings of your new kitchen.

So when you decide to start your project consider the cost saving service of our in-house drafting service for you kitchen, bathroom and other home renovation projects.

Kitchen Remodeling

Home Exchange-PA is considered one of the best kitchen remodeling companies in the Philadelphia and South Jersey area, we understand the importance of remodeling the kitchen. It is critical and that’s why we are remembered whenever issues appear because, we have been offering quality remodeling services in this city for over many years. We take pride in our abilities and we specialize in this service.

We are able to provide a 2D/3D design and rendering of your kitchen so that you can have a better idea of what the final outcome will be like and also allowing you to make changes to it if needed.

We help make the kitchen your family’s favorite room in your home. Not only does a kitchen remodel increase the value of your house but also it will add convenience to your daily life.

We utilize all of our years of experience and our staffs’ dedication to provide quality service to create a beautiful new kitchen. Home Exchange-PA has all the necessary professionals available who will take care of every aspect of the remodeling from plumbing and cabinetry to lighting and appliances.

Our process is:

Start with an estimate and survey. We pay close attention to what you want in your kitchen.

A 2D/3D model of the proposed remodeling is created by our draftsman.  You then get to see your kitchen completed before any work is done including choice of appliances, lighting, accessories and furniture.

After you choose the types of materials needed for your project and we will complete the measurements and prep work. Communication is key in this step we will then introduce our capable kitchen crew members to the client making sure that the crew understands the project scope and all chosen details.

No surprises or hassles!  Your kitchen remodel will be completed in a timely manner with an agreed upon timeline. There will be constant open communication throughout the entire remodeling process to ensure satisfaction at every step.

Home Exchange-PA specializes in every detail from flooring and tiling to cabinets and counter-tops and every other aspect of building the perfect kitchen.

These are the specifications that are included with our kitchen remodeling project:

  • Walls and ceiling renovation

  • Floors and plumbing

  • Wood cabinets, wall cabinets, base cabinets

  • Granite counter tops

  • Tiled back splash

  • Installation of all appliances

  • Solid wood cabinets only, no fiber board 

Bathroom Remodeling


Are you thinking about adding an extra bathroom to your home or updating an existing bathroom? Home Exchange-PA is the right company to work with you on your home and help you to imagine all the possibilities for a new bathroom. Also adding a bathroom or transforming an old one can bring a substantial return on your investment if you decide to sell your home?

Home Exchange-PA will start by giving you an honest and accurate estimate on the cost of your project. Since we work with you from the design to completion, we know how to set budgets while never sacrificing quality and workmanship. Ceramic and stone tile are our specialty, floor or wall to us it is an art.

We are also able to utilize technology to create a 3D model of the proposed remodel of your bathroom.  You will see how your finished bathroom will look before we start any work.


Adding or remodeling a master bathroom to create a luxurious master suite. 

Adding a guest bathroom providing privacy and luxury for overnight visitors.

Making a separate shower area from the bathtub.

Replacing your tub with a free-standing marble claw bathtub.

Adding colorful tiles borders to your bathroom walls or stone floor tiles.

Many other ideas from our design experts.


With years of experience, practice and planning we are able to offer you a no hassle experience. Communication with you throughout the entire bathroom remodeling process is one of the keys for our success and your satisfaction. Along with all that, our ability to keep planned projects on schedule and within budget makes your remodeling experience one that you will not regret.

Home Exchange-PA is the best choice for all your bathroom remodeling needs in Philadelphia and South Jersey. Contact us today.