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The first step in fighting weeds is to know your enemy. Get a county extension agent to help you identify the weeds in your yard, or get a field guide to common weeds and grasses and identify them yourself. Then follow these simple steps for killing weeds:

  • Pick the herbicide that is right for your particular weed.
  • Always wear protective clothing, safety glasses, and gloves when you are applying herbicides.
  • Use weed killers on days when the wind is not blowing.
  • Do not mow your lawn just before or just after applying herbicides.



When you’re applying herbicide to individual weeds, you want to keep it off everything else growing nearby. So try this idea to make your herbicide stay put. Cut off the bottom of a plastic two liter soda bottle. Put the bottle over the weed you want to kill. Insert the spray nozzle of your chemical sprayer or garden hose into the top of the soda bottle and spray away. Wait a few seconds for the chemical to soak in, then move on to the next weed.



If you have a problem with perennial weeds, don’t try to kill them with a rototiller. All you’ll really do is break up their root system and give their runners a chance to spread. It’s a lot of work to dig them up, but if you have the patience, it’s as effective as herbicides. You just have to do it carefully and thoroughly. An old apple corer does a good job of digging up weeds. It will dig down deep and cut the roots at the same time.


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